Lengend of the seeker 1X01-02

I started recently this series To be honest I liked this episode despite the problems in graphics and in consistency .

The story is about a prophecy of a someone called the seeker that will free the world from evil (pretty cliché , right ?) , but still it made me download the whole season .

Richard (the seeker) was a regular man from the WestLand until one day he discovered that he destined to become the seeker and to kill all source of evil , with his new friends Kahlan the witch from the WestLand the land of magic , and Zed a first order mage ,they try to prevent Darken Rahl from taking over the MidLand . Read more of this post


House 6X05 Brave Heart

Another faces and poses collection .

This episode of House was actually a little ordinary for me . Nothing really exciting about it , but still good enough to finish it till the end. Read more of this post

House 6X04 Instant Karma ??

Just finished watching this episode which was good but not exceptional .

It was great seeing how everything solve itself , but I missed the usual sarcasm and childish ways of House . Read more of this post

House 6X03 The Tyrant

As any episode of House this one was EPIC *point*

It had everything a viewer wants from this type of TVShow or at least it has all the elements to make you want to see it again :

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FullMetal Alchemist ~Brotherhood~ ep 54

Well i know it’s kinda late to be blogging about it ,taking into consideration it was released last Monday but it’s one of the best episodes in FullMetal Alchemist and i felt like talking.

Last events : Mustang had gone berserk when he knew that Envy was Hugh’s killer and told everyone to leave Envy to him and go ahead to The Father . But Risa refused and stayed with him . Then he owned Envy and the only way left for Envy was to flee ,but Mustang didn’t leave him be he went after him burning everything from his eyes to his whole body till Envy finally succeeded to hide . Meanwhile The Armstrong Siblings were fighting ,Alex vs Sloth and Olivier vs the Undead Soldiers (helping her couple of Central’s Soldiers) . And this events end with Risa and Mustang meeting and Risa following Mustang .

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The first post was actually just a test here is my real introduction.

I am just like everybody who is passionate enough about things they do and got really excited one day …. So I thought why not make a blog and talk about what I like.

This idea came to me when i saw OMNI who was a really good blogger and i used to visit his blog for a year until he stopped blogging ….

Then i saw his co-blogger Divine start a new blog randomc.net and 2 weeks later i made up my mind that me too i will start blogging.

Starting today i will be blogging about anything i watch , read or know  .

In the end thank you all for reading .

hello every1

Hi i am nplm for now i love manga , anime and TVShows .
I thought about blogging what i love and try to get u closer the my favorites things .