FullMetal Alchemist ~Brotherhood~ ep 54

Well i know it’s kinda late to be blogging about it ,taking into consideration it was released last Monday but it’s one of the best episodes in FullMetal Alchemist and i felt like talking.

Last events : Mustang had gone berserk when he knew that Envy was Hugh’s killer and told everyone to leave Envy to him and go ahead to The Father . But Risa refused and stayed with him . Then he owned Envy and the only way left for Envy was to flee ,but Mustang didn’t leave him be he went after him burning everything from his eyes to his whole body till Envy finally succeeded to hide . Meanwhile The Armstrong Siblings were fighting ,Alex vs Sloth and Olivier vs the Undead Soldiers (helping her couple of Central’s Soldiers) . And this events end with Risa and Mustang meeting and Risa following Mustang .

This episode begins with Mustang and Risa flashback at the end of the Ishbalian war , Risa tells Mustang that the horrible things she has done won’t go away and ask him to burn her back to erase the Tattoo of the Flame Alchemy so that no-one will ever use it again . Then return to the present they are still talking , Risa was able to identify Mustang as Envy in disguise (with a bluff ) then starts to shoot him he is really hurt but manage to hit her and then capture her rendering Risa unable to move .  Just in that time the real Mustang come and burn just enough of Envy to release Risa and telling him that he can’t touch his precious subordinates .Mustang went back to berserk mode burning Envy until he return to his original form.Trying to take revenge of Hugh ,Mustang decided to kill the little Envy but Risa points a gun to his head tell him that she won’t let him kill Envy out of hate only . Mustang refuses and while trying to kill Envy ED enters and take Envy away from Mustang ,after a long talk of right and wrong ,ED discovered that Envy is actually jealous of human . Envy then kill himself out of shame . Back to the Armstrong , Alex is getting beaten by Sloth , while Olivier get new Soldiers. While Sloth trying to get the final hit ,Alex take advantage of the attack and succeeded to move back in his joint , and start owning Sloth . Finally the episode ends with Hohenheim and Father meeting and Father telling Hohenheim that he is part of Hohenheim and now Hohenheim is going to become part of him.


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