House 6X03 The Tyrant

As any episode of House this one was EPIC *point*

It had everything a viewer wants from this type of TVShow or at least it has all the elements to make you want to see it again :

  • Morale if it was right or wrong to protect your country at all cost .
  • Morale if it was right or wrong to kill someone to save others’.
  • Morale If a friend need a cover up would you do it or would you turn him in ?
  • Fun stuff …… Dr Greg House trying not to impose on Dr Forman with talking and ending up with giving hilarious signs to what he thinks.
  • Mystery not so much in this part since it all focused on the Dictator himself not his disease.
  • Finally House kidnapping his neighbor in order to heal the pain in his arm.

In total i thought it is good everything was perfect even the end …… Although i don’t know if it was OK for Chase to kill the Dictator which i find it really the best choice ,since Chase doesn’t have problems with principles to begin with he do whatever it takes to achieve his goal . Also because none of the other would do it ,

  1. House ,he just came out of rehab killing someone is way too much for him to handle right now.
  2. Taube , is actually out of this case .
  3. Cameron , *yeah right* she wouldn’t kill a fly or at least with the current character development.
  4. Thirteen , she is out of the case since  Forman fired her.
  5. Forman , he is more concerned with his life than the Dictator’s and the consequences of him being healthy again.

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