House 6X04 Instant Karma ??

Just finished watching this episode which was good but not exceptional .

It was great seeing how everything solve itself , but I missed the usual sarcasm and childish ways of House .

A millionaire whose kid is dying want House to treat him , while Chase and Foreman try to cover their tracks when Chase killed the Dictator .

And the plot evolves as usual the patient getting worse ,better than worse again . In the meanwhile Foreman discovered that his lie won’t be good since his statement won’t explain some parts of the medical state of the Dictator.

Before the end the diagnostics team ended with a diagnosis that the kid has at most 1 day to live , making the dad sign a paper intentionally to lose all his money thinking that the karma was what did that to his son.

While Chase found a paper proving that the Dictator actually took medicine which is the cause of his elevated cholesterol saving Chase and Foreman , but they didn’t know who sent it.

Meanwhile House talking to Wilson about Thirteen and how he wanted her to stay when he suddenly realized that there is a symptom they dismissed and that it’s actually another curable disease .

The episode ended with Foreman giving the speech and The Millionaire eating pizza with his kid who is slowly getting better.

The best thing in this episode is the faces and the poses .

Nothing amazed me more than the faces House and the Millionaire did .

It was a compilation of the best faces and poses a person can do ,it compensated for the lack of humor in this episode (at least for me) .


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