House 6X05 Brave Heart

Another faces and poses collection .

This episode of House was actually a little ordinary for me . Nothing really exciting about it , but still good enough to finish it till the end.

This episode talks about a suicidal police officer thinking he will die at age 40 like his father and grandfather . The plot develop with House thinking he is crazy since he hear things in his sleep , Chase going insane because of guilt , Cameron getting worry about Chase and Foreman didn’t have a role .

It wasn’t good to see the relation between Cameron and Chase starting to fall due to Chase feeling guilty and don’t want to talk to Cameron about it ,but on the other hand it was good to see how the officer started to talk to his son after the success of the procedure and how the son accepted the father although the officer rejected him once and asked that he leaves the room.

The best part in this episode was when they thought the officer was dead and while making the autopsy he “revived” . It was like an alien going to cut through his chest with the light effect and all .

Another thing is when House found out that the voices he hears is actually Wilson talking to his dead girlfriend , and how they were trying to trick each other .


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