Lengend of the seeker 1X01-02

I started recently this series To be honest I liked this episode despite the problems in graphics and in consistency .

The story is about a prophecy of a someone called the seeker that will free the world from evil (pretty cliché , right ?) , but still it made me download the whole season .

Richard (the seeker) was a regular man from the WestLand until one day he discovered that he destined to become the seeker and to kill all source of evil , with his new friends Kahlan the witch from the WestLand the land of magic , and Zed a first order mage ,they try to prevent Darken Rahl from taking over the MidLand .

I liked it because it has all the things i missed in the tv ….. It has the adventure part and the action part which is really amazing with all the places and fights , also it has some romance in it (not too much) , and finally the best thing are as usual the Medieval costumes .

But there is a lot of problems in this episode ….. the graphics are really good in some scenes but in other any 10 years old child would do better

like this picture for example ,anyone could do a better job than this …….

Another thing is inconsistency Kahlen is first introduced with the white dress ,which is funny because I felt like she was running away on her wedding day , and then after the dress was ripped and got dirt all over she changed it   to this common one . But sudden;y near the end of the episode while moving from place to place (without any bags or something ) she got back her old white dress…….. Although it would make sense if they were camping or something but while chasing after the book that can lead to the world’s destruction doesn’t really fit.

Last thing is how Richard was taken by revenge after his dad died and after 2 days or so , he was laughing and joking like nothing happened .In my opinion even if you are the coldest person in the world and all the responsibility lies on you , if the most important person to you died you would be sad at least for a some time not just 2 days.

As i said before  I enjoyed the first episode enough to watch all of the series , especially how Richard near the middle developed a crush on Kahlen and how he tries not to show it while knowing it wouldn’t be good to be attached to her .


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