House 6X06 Known Unknowns

Well this episode wasn’t really good . At least in my point of view , it had just a little comedy , a little mystery . I just watch it because I don’t like to skip episodes …..

And I am glad I didn’t skip it like my friend told me since a nice development with Cuddy “rejecting” House for the PI he had hired the last season Lucas .

Which I found funny because I noticed how the writers don’t want House’s character to develop into relationships and stuff at least not yet. But in the same time I found it really good of House to save Wilson’s career .

Anyway nothing made me happier than Chase sleeping in the middle of the end diagnosis


2 Responses to House 6X06 Known Unknowns

  1. nplm says:

    nope i just left it for 2 days since i have some projects to do (i think u should know that since u are beside me)

  2. Bassen says:

    Really? That bad? Bad enough to make you stop blogging about the show? Or did you just give the whole thing up? Ah well…

    P.S, one more view!

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