Legend Of The Seeker 01X03 Bounty

This episode was good …. no graphic problem no inconsistency in the story .

I liked this episode since Richard acted like a true hero , he went to risk his life for a boy even after being betrayed , and after Kahlen’s warning .

Also i liked it since the story start to develop with new characters , especially bounty hunters coming after Richard .

Only thing I noticed is that Zed is really overpowered , he can do about anything but that’s okay with me , I like when someone in the good side is overpowered .

A new magic is introduced , it’s an ancient magic to make tracing maps (a map that pinpoint the location of the person you are searching for) which I think will be helpful if they need a map to trace Darken in any part of the story.

Also I liked how each of Richard and Kahlen , thank the other for doing what he had to do .

And finally due to the events some people now believe the Seeker will save them , which means there will be help if Richard needs it .


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