House 6X7 Teamwork

I really liked this episode it was up until now second best episode this season…..

The patient was a Jewish pornographic actor who in the end turns out to have been sick from the clean overprotective environment he lived in as a kid not from the unclean environment he is living in now.

House became in charge again after getting his license back , and Foreman tell Thirteen that she can return since the reason he fired her is no more valid , and that he knew it was a mistake but was afraid to admit it.

Also everyone in the team will return except Cameron who convicted House of ruining Chase making him kill……. And leaving House and Chase which I found the perfect way and reaction considering her believes from the beginning of the show.

Also i was happy when Taub and Thirteen returned , after a lot of tries from House and rejection , finally they miss the action and doing something that matters.

Finally the best part was when House was showing off to Wilson how he got 4 out of 5 to join him back which was really cool .


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