House 6X8 Ignorance Is Bliss

This episode was actually interesting when a patient who has one of the highest IQ , gets ill while delivering some packages and House took his case.

At the beginning you don’t understand what happens and why he doesn’t want to be “this” famous or intelligent, then little by little the picture get clearer and he turns out to be the opposite of House .

House is really proud of his IQ and would never do anything that will make him lose his gift even he suffers the rest of his life , in contrast the patient actually is giving away everything he has only to be happy in his life .

Also there was 2 parts that really stand out in this :

First the part where Chase punched House in the nose due to all House bashing .

Second the part where Taub took a picture of House while beaten by Chase and told his wife that it was him who did it.

All that combined with Cuddy trying to play a little trick on House that she broke up with Lucas , but House got it and promised Wilson to leave them alone if he failed once to break them up.

All that is a part and Cuddy playing House and making him go to her sister’s empty house is another part , it was hilarious .

This episode is one of the best episodes in House .


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