FullMetal Alchemist ~Brotherhood~ ep 56

This episode was epic . I couldn’t stop taking snapshots .

First The Father and Hohenheim’s battle continue with Hohenheim getting the lead and attacking Father while telling him that he made connection with the half million souls that reside in him . While The Father making a comeback by removing his original self out of the body and telling Hohenheim that he also has evolved .

In the meanwhile The Fruher/Wrath is entering the battle field with the best way possible by first destroying a tank then going and half killed Buccaneer ,and when trying to enter the building he was slowed by Falman refusing to open the gates while crying.

While hearing that the Fruher has returned the central army regained confidence and started fighting back , while Mustang’s men who are trapped in the studio put the blame onto Olivier Armstrong to let Mustang get away with it.

This was the perfect entrance to Greed he started talking while in top of the building then falls in a magical way , to face Wrath.

When Greed asked Wrath how did he escaped the train falling, he said that his eye showed him the path to safety while claiming that it was hard since he is getting older and isn’t in his peak.

Then the fight starts , Greed seemed to have the advantage with Lin giving him instructions , until the Fruher get his eye patch off . Here it was like a kill not a fight , Greed was totally overpowered ,even with the help of  Buccaneer by taking his sword which didn’t even hinder him , Wrath kept

The Fruher was about to give the finishing blow when Fu enters the field making it a two on one battle and saving Lin/Greed saying that he is only saving his master when thanked by Greed .

There are two main things I didn’t like in this episode , first is that Wrath is extremely overpowered which doesn’t bother me a lot but caused the other thing , which is now the battle has become a two vs one battle which I am not a fan of .

But overall it was a good episode and hopefully will stay this way or better till the anime finishes .


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