House 6X9 Wilson

This episode was a total different type than any of House’s episode , because this episode’s main character was Wilson .

It starts with how House try to annoy Wilson in the morning , then get an overview with Wilson’s friendship with one of his patients Tucker….

While they were going hunting , Tucker fell down and almost shot Wilson due to his muscles contracting on their own.

Back in the hospital House and Wilson after a long talk made a bet on 100 dollars if it was a new cancer cells or not . Which turns out to be a new cancer cell and House won the bet.

After that Wilson’s tries fail since the new cancer is immune to Chemotherapy which leave him no choice but to double the dosage ,destroying Tucker’s cancer with his liver.

Thinking Tucker has changed and want to reunite his family , Wilson accepts to give part of his liver to Tucker .

In the end Tucker left his family again making Wilson so angry that he overbid Cuddy in buying her Dream-House .

The best thing in this episode is no matter what House’s say it turns out true , especially when judging Tucker or Wilson .

another good thing is that we got a really good look on the Messiah complex Wilson has , and how he could sacrifice himself for anyone even he doesn’t know him .


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