House 6X11 Remorse

This episode also is quite good …..

It has a slight flashback on House’s past and how he cheated just to prove idiotic theories …… also how he saw himself in his patient.

The patient was a woman who doesn’t have feeling …. Due to a trauma in her childhood along with hormones when she start to mature , it made an effect and led to her part of the brain responsible of feelings sleep …. Which after a long time backfired and caused her illness.

This is when House started getting calls from someone he once took his papers in college…. and was avoiding him and his calls feeling remorse.

And when he finally confronted him , the man said that House actually destroyed his life with his try since he only needed to get an A in this paper but got an F instead and was expelled,

House feeling pity on how he destroyed that man’s life he gave him a check , leading the man to admit that it was all a test to see if House was still the jerk he was back then.

Back to the patient , after a surgery she made her husband angry and made him leave , which leads Thirteen to think that she regained her feelings.


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