House 6X10 The Down Low

This episode was really good , I may say one of the best episodes…..

With the medical mystery, the undercover cop , House acting GAY in front of the woman Wilson likes , and Wilson trying to overcome the mess House is making it was really worth it.

First a Mafia guy came after he fainted when fighting for a gun without being even hit.

Then finding out he is an undercover cop and trying to make his partner say where he is without telling it , also trying to convince him to show them where is the stash of Heroin .

Another one is when Wilson liked a woman in the building , she thought him and house are gay  , and House made a bet that he will sleep with her before Wilson .

So House acted gay in front of her , talking sensitively and noticing her shoes’ brand and things like that .

But what really made it THAT good is when Wilson proposed to House near the end , to not let House continue acting…. That was simply one of the best scene I ever watched .


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