House 6X12 Moving The Chains

The chain of good series continue to this episode …..

A junior football player while in training in front of an evaluator started beating another kid and then beat himself with his helmet .

This episode is actually quite good because of a couple of factors .

From House and Wilson fighting because they are thinking each other is making pranks on the other , to House taking Foreman’s brother Marcus as his assistant to know secrets about Foreman , ending with the guy trying to ditch the military because he is becoming a father by shooting himself in the foot after House refused to help him.

When all revealed first the black football player turned out to have a skin cancer in his palms , also it turns out that Lucas and Cuddy are actually the one that made the pranks on House and Wilson , the guy ditching the military chose to lose his leg than going back to duty , and finally House pissed off Marcus so much that he quit leading Eric to take him in his apartment which leads Wilson to think that he did all that just to get them back together .


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