Gamaran is set in a fictional kingdom called Haunt of Demons or Demon Lair and talks about a prince called Naoshi who is one of the sons of  Washitzu Naosata the king of this kingdom  , and a 15 years old boy called Gama who is the successor of the Ogame school of martial arts and the son of the Thousand man slayer Kurogane Jinsuke .

At first you see Naoshi with two brothers determined to find the house of the Ogame school ….. After they find it and a little fight between Gama and the brothers , we find the motive of Naoshi is to get the school to represent him in the battle to become the next king of the kingdom , and to get respect from his brothers and father since his mother is a commoner .

Each has his own motive ,Gama to make himself a name better than his father’s and Naoshi to prove himself to his father and brothers , they set on a journey fighting against other schools and princes .


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