Gamaran chapter 46

Well this Chapter was actually good , it’s a flash back on Shingo’s lifestyle as an apprentice under one of the four divine spears Genma .

I liked this chapter because we get to know how Shingo was when he entered the four divine spear as a possible successor of under Genma.

Then we see how Shingo actually worshiped his Sensei to the point where he over do himself  just to stay his apprentice.

Then the day where Jinsuke killed 3 of the divine spear came….

Mourning his teacher and wanting to be better than his teacher ever was , Shingo did each day 10 thousand thrust and Ichiou (another divine spear ) claims that Shingo attained perfection.

And it’s time for their fight , each of Gamma and Shingo realize their opponent’s power , who will emerge a WINNER ?


4 Responses to Gamaran chapter 46

  1. nplm says:

    you’re welcome gamaranFan 😀

  2. nplm says:

    OH well nice to know ….
    but still they don’t post it on OM , MF …..
    so doesn’t count …. 😛

  3. GamaranFan says:

    Nice work with the release, keep up the good work.

  4. b0mb34man says:

    Gamaran 46 and 47 was done several weeks back.,777.0.html

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