Gamran chapter 46 download

well here is the chapter to download , I hope you all enjoy it .

I know I am lousy at redrawing , but that’s the best I can given the multiple text I had to make in a single chapter …..

Anyway if you have any comments or want to help me redrawing or other thing , just leave a comment

Gamaran Chapter 46 download


9 Responses to Gamran chapter 46 download

  1. nplm says:

    you’re all welcome

  2. Tibs says:

    Finally someone cared enough to continue where the others stopped 😀 . Great job, if you want i could help with the proof reading.

  3. bilo says:

    thank you very much for picking it up! i was waiting for the new chapter to be scanlated!

  4. Saladin says:

    Great work, keep it up !!
    I love this kind of manga since Kenshin, so as long as Gama keep beating every oponent, I will enjoy this story.
    Thanks a lot

  5. sebas says:

    thank you for your awesome initiative 🙂 really appreciate your hard work in scanlating it.

  6. nplm says:

    you are both welcome , and i hope you likes it

  7. Alexander says:

    would just like to thank you for picking up the manga, I’ve missed it, and its not important that its perfect, the important thing is that we understand what it says!! 😀

  8. Mocka says:

    Awesome! I’m so glad SOMEONE did a scanlation (so thank you!), I think the series is great, but there sure was a long wait between chapters..

    So, great job by you imo 🙂

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