FullMetal Alchemist ~Brotherhood~ ep 57

This series keeps getting better and better ….

Ed and his group while searching for father , were stopped by a Mad Alchemist , who turned out to be the one who created The Fruher .

It was fun watching Ed and the others fight , the ones that were raised to be candidates instead of King Bradley , they all had almost the same combat ability .

And of course Bradley almost owned Greed along with Fu , until Fu decided to sacrifice himself to weaken Bradley ….. So he set bombs on his body and went towards Bradley ,which Bradley evades the bombs by cutting out the upper part of the bomb . Just when he thought he evaded when Buccaneer went through Fu with the Fruher’s sword and attacked Bradley .

Finally someone could lay a hit on The Fruher , and not just any hit .

In the meanwhile Izumi , her husband , the Armstrongs and some soldiers made their way to the bottom to reach a part where Izumi can make an escape tunnel .

While leaving his subordinates to fight , the Mad Alchemist started drawing a transmutation circle on the ground . And after he finished , he called upon five of his men and let them stay around him .

He then activated the transmutation which led , the five men , Ed ,Al and Izumi to disintegrate .

And that’s when the episode finished , stating the beginning of the end.


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