Gamaran chapter 47

Well this chapter is by miles better than the previous one

Although more talking , but the talking are in fact comments on the awesome fight.The fight begins…….

At first Shingo OWNS Gama , he started getting serious and started the three famous moves of the Onidachi style.

Gama was like the Prince in POP trying to escape each and every trap , no time for attack …. Until Shingo get him on his face , Gama evaded a fatal low .

But half unconscious , lying on the ground , Gama was about to be killed by Shingo second attack , when Nao shout “dodge” .

Also evading this with a miracle , he got scraped in his leg .

The chapter finishes with Gama finally dodging the blow , he figured out that if he can’t dodge the spear , he can grab it .


2 Responses to Gamaran chapter 47

  1. bloke says:

    just want to thank you for picking up gamaran… that is all

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