Manga cleaning request

Since I started Gamaran and I had the urge to scanlate more and more of mangas….

SO…. anyone who really liked a manga , and no one is scanlating , or scanlating really slow , can request here the manga.

And I will check if the raws are available and the TL and will do it for him 😀 ..

I don’t care as long as it is interesting .

Also if someone can provide translations or raws for any manga I am currently doing that would be great.


2 Responses to Manga cleaning request

  1. nplm says:

    ehhmm… well I am sorry but I didn’t like its anime …

  2. Gama-fan says:

    Since you’re up for it, could you maybe check out Giant Killing and see if you’re interested in working on that? The production has stalled out pretty much the same as Gamaran. Its a soccer manga where a club’s former all star comes back to manage them, hopefully to turn their team around from a losing one into a winning one.

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