Gamaran chapter 48 download

Well here is chapter 48 I hope you all enjoy….

Kinda happy that I finally “ongoing” but nothing to do till the next chapter comes out …..

So sit back and enjoy this chapter 😀

Gamaran chapter 48 download


6 Responses to Gamaran chapter 48 download

  1. anderson says:

    This manga is great!!

    I love it!

  2. nplm says:

    you area ll welcome and i hope you like it….

  3. Maltut says:

    A great version, thanks for scanlating it.

  4. ShinSakura says:

    Thanks as well for picking up this manga =D >__> just gotta wait one more week for one more chapter .

  5. Kaz says:

    Hey! Thanks for picking up Gamaran, been wondering what happened to it when the releases stopped. It’s a good manga for me so far, so yes, thanks for scanlating it. Also, I’m quite flattered to have my fanart used for the editor’s page XD

    As for requests… I can’t seem to find scanlations for Zone-00. Would you consider it? It’s by the same person who did Trinity Blood.

    • nplm says:

      well … thnx for the pic … i just denoised it a little… hope u don’t mind…
      anyway about zone…
      it looks interesting… searching for raws and tl
      if u have a link can u link me to the raws and tl if possible..

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