Gamaran chapter 48

This chapter is exactly like the previous chapter except…..That the losing team becomes the winning team , and vice versa ….

Gama finally gets the idea of how to defeat Shingo  , he finally starts beating Shingo with all his might .

But Shingo isn’t going to be defeated this easily.Every time Gama attacks him, Shingo attacks even his position is impossible to attack from .

And near the end Gama make the last blow , but Shingo attacks Gama who was beside him “with a spear” .

In the end Nao thought they win , but Shingo get up and tell Gama to also get up cause they aren’t dead yet .

Beside everything this chapter was amazing more fighting than talking , also the fight was actually good not just any regular fight .

Also it seems that Gama can do a move that’s pretty hard in the Ogame school , the Shadow Stitch which makes you dodge an attack and in the same time attack.


4 Responses to Gamaran chapter 48

  1. nplm says:

    you are welcome …

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks! Kinda grateful that u took this series

  3. nplm says:

    you are welcome …. hope you liked it

  4. krish19oo says:

    thank you very much for the all hard work it is a wonder full series and it was a total action packed chapter

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