House 6X14 Private Lives

This episode was better than the previous one ,especially with all the elements infused in it …

First we start with the life of the patient who is a blog maniac while having a fight with her husband because she just blogged their last argument .

Then their neighbor comes to calm them down cause he has work the next day and saw her all bruised up , he called the police thinking the husband did that .

Then doctor House takes her case .

The story develop as usual with half of it on the character development , and the other on the patient’s life .

Back to House , finding out that Wilson’s was in a porn movie (although it was only the introduction …. ) he started humiliating him , with posting posters and pictures all over the hospital.

Making Wilson wants revenge , Wilson tries to find something on House …. eventually he found out that House was reading a book released by a priest .

In the same time , Chase has just realize that he was “pretty” and was evaluating his relationship with Cameron .

Finally House solved the case again , assuming she lies at all patients and proving she is a some sort of  “hypocrite” , since she writes about everything that the people would like to read not about anything she makes ….

And it turns out that the book House was reading is his father’s and he was trying to see if he was as House , a genius .


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