House 6X15 Black Hole

This episode itself  is hilarious  , not the episode itself but the end ….

It starts with a school trip , and one girl fainted while suffocating in her vomit . Then House takes the case and after a lot of analysis it turned out that her boyfriend’s father , when he had sex with her, transmitted a bug that made her condition (LOL right ? ) .

Along the episode the patient keeps dreaming of galaxies and black holes thus the name of this episode ….

Also to diagnose her near the end they used a machine that can read thoughts and picture them … And thus they saw her bf’s father , and Foreman kept his unchanged character even after this amazing technology which led them all to wonder if something will ever make him fascinated .

The best thing about this episode is that Wilson couldn’t buy anything by himself , he couldn’t choose even a coffee table …. Until in the end he got House a wonderful piano .

Also another development is how Taub started to communicate with his wife finally .


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