Gamaran chapter 49

And the fight continue ….

This chapter continue the fight between Shingou and Gama , they fight a little in the beginning then another small flashback on Shingou then the fight between those ends.

In the beginning each of them was a bit dizzy of the attack of the previous chapter , until Shingou suddenly feels like winning (adrenaline or something) and he starts attacking Gama like crazy .

Shingou’s attacks were faster and stronger than before ,  Gama was dead for sure …..

Gama suddenly realizes that he is better than this , stronger and that he won’t lose .

He makes a moves and destroy Shingou’s spear ….. and the chapter ends with everyone wondering how Gama did it …. But the winner is unknown .


4 Responses to Gamaran chapter 49

  1. Alex says:


  2. ShinSakura says:

    Thank you for the chapter =D *bow* been waiting

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