House 6X16 Lockdown

And the epic streak continue…..

It was just about a recent mother that has lost her baby in the hospital , so Cuddy ordered a lockdown until the security find the lost baby .

House got stuck with a patient ,similar to him , he was acting arrogantly around everyone , made his wife and daughter hate him and everyone else don’t like him .House started seeing himself in him and he wanted to help him in the last couple of hours , by inducing a morphine coma .

Wilson was with Thirteen ,they started playing truth or dare and it was hilarious . After playing a little , they both started choosing dare , so Wilson had to steal 1 dollar from the cashier which turned out to be a total disaster , and Thirteen had to show her breasts to Taub which she did in the end of the episode .

Taub got stuck with Foreman in the files room , and they started to search for a weakness of House in his file which turned out to be that House is only messing with them even when he is not there by putting fictional information . So they took 2 pills of Vicodin to walk in House’s shoes , but in the end they discover that the perfect record of Foreman had actually a cheating case , and Taub’s record was a disaster .

Finally Chase and Cameron (who came to give him the divorce paper) got stuck together , they finished all their “unfinished business” and ended up having sex in the room they were in as a closure .

Back to Cuddy she finally found the lost baby after she noticed that the nurse was having multiple seizures .


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