It’s Beach Time :D

I am going to the beach this whole week and be back on Sunday , so Gamaran will be late 2 days than usual unless i found internet access there 😀


6 Responses to It’s Beach Time :D

  1. tj says:

    nooooooooo, oh well enjoy your holiday and try to post gamaran as soon as possible i love the series and you are doing a great job. thank you.

  2. Anderson says:

    Good Beach! enjoy!

    but i willl get miss gamaran

  3. Daniel says:

    I read at the end of the manga “a little thank you would be appreciated” I love gamaran and am happy someone is translating it for all the fans so “Thank you”!

    • nplm says:

      thanks ….. but to be fair i don’t translate i just put the translate , it’s BadKarma …. i only put the translation instead of the Japanese text

  4. Rafael says:

    hey man, i’m reading Gamaran from OneManga. I’d like to thank you for the well done job you’ve been doing. I’m from Brazil, not that goog in english, so sorry if i wrote in a wrong way. Again, thanks for the work, all readers, i believe so, do apreciate.

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