Gamaran Chapter 52 Download

Finally here is chapter 52 of Gamaran …..

Gmaran Chapter 52 Download

searching for a distributor and a raw provider


8 Responses to Gamaran Chapter 52 Download

  1. ghost says:

    thanks for the scan guys, also i might have gotten my hands screwed up but on pg 18 im pretty sure zenmaru’s left arm is the one that got hit

    • nplm says:

      yeah , and it is his left arm that got hit ….. and yeah i noticed that but after I uploaded it everywhere so it’s kinda hard to fix it

  2. Why is one page (page 4) in high quality ? xD. Kinda funny.
    Good job on most pages, thanks :).

    • nplm says:

      it is because we are 2 people working for the first time and didn’t make any standards , because i was at the beach for a whole week ……
      and u are welcome ….

  3. potts says:

    thx 4 da gamarans

  4. monkey says:

    Thanks!! Keep up the good work!

  5. krish19oo says:

    thank you very much

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