Gamaran Chapter 53 Download

Sorry for the late chapter …. but the translator was late , and I had some work to do .

Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter

Gamaran Chapter 53


12 Responses to Gamaran Chapter 53 Download

  1. Blixa says:

    Thank you very much! i love this manga and your are doing a great work!

    hey i don’t know if it helps with something but…. ch. 54 & 55 are already translated to english here:

    anyways looking foward for more
    Thanks again

    • nplm says:

      yeah i know and already doing the chapters …. but they are pretty hard with all the redrawing

      • Blixa says:

        way to go!!!

        you’re doing a hell of a job, so take your sweet time and keem ’em coming

        oh! and thanks for the info =)

      • nplm says:

        well actaully it’s not me who redraw the hard parts (actually this chapter i got lazy and left all the redraw to nil) but anyway i hope u liked our release 😀

  2. AmasNevy says:

    thanx dude much appreciated

  3. mohamed7taha says:

    i have a question
    why donot you produce the chapter with jpg ext. instead of Png
    the size will shrink to 5 MB for the whole chapter
    good luck
    and nice work

    • nplm says:

      because png is made for drawing and stuff ….
      while jpg is made for natural photo ….
      but will try it if it doesn’t affect the quality alot

      • mohamed7taha says:

        try it
        and i grantee that it does not affect the quality
        just a bit
        i try it before
        good luck

  4. TheHolyAvenger says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to do Gamaran. Love this series.

  5. mohamed7taha says:

    nice work man
    good luck with the 3 next chapters

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