Gamaran Chapter 55 Download

Finally finished the chapter … sorry it took us long but I am away and I have really limited connection …

Anyway this chapter is amazing but doesn’t compare to the next …. 😉

sorry forgot to add a credit page …. so here v2

Gamaran Chapter 55v2

8 Responses to Gamaran Chapter 55 Download

  1. danto says:

    thanks alot for the scans. Do you know of anyplace where i can get hold of the RAWs

  2. jaz says:

    OMG , Thanks for the scan, appreciate it very much !! Cant wait to see Iori’s Skill !! please keep us updated !

  3. krish19oo says:

    thank very much for the scans

  4. n00ber says:

    Thx for the chapters youre doing a great job with the editing but cant you crop out the white borders around the images they just look way out of place

  5. mohamed7taha says:

    thanks man
    great work
    waiting for the last tran. chapter

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