House 6X16 Lockdown

And the epic streak continue…..

It was just about a recent mother that has lost her baby in the hospital , so Cuddy ordered a lockdown until the security find the lost baby . Read more of this post

House 6X15 Black Hole

This episode itself  is hilarious  , not the episode itself but the end ….

It starts with a school trip , and one girl fainted while suffocating in her vomit . Read more of this post

House 6X14 Private Lives

This episode was better than the previous one ,especially with all the elements infused in it …

First we start with the life of the patient who is a blog maniac while having a fight with her husband because she just blogged their last argument .

Then their neighbor comes to calm them down cause he has work the next day and saw her all bruised up , he called the police thinking the husband did that . Read more of this post

Dropping Legend Of The Seaker

Although I enjoyed the first 3 episodes I became less interest in blogging it , which made me less interested in blogging in general .

So I thought instead of continuing it and eventually will get bored , I will only drop Legend Of The Seeker.

House 6X13 5 to 9

This episode is not that good but we take a look of the hospital from Cuddy’s point of view with a closer look on Cuddy herself and how she makes decisions and things like that….

Read more of this post

House 6X12 Moving The Chains

The chain of good series continue to this episode …..

A junior football player while in training in front of an evaluator started beating another kid and then beat himself with his helmet . Read more of this post

House 6X11 Remorse

This episode also is quite good …..

It has a slight flashback on House’s past and how he cheated just to prove idiotic theories …… also how he saw himself in his patient. Read more of this post

House 6X10 The Down Low

This episode was really good , I may say one of the best episodes…..

With the medical mystery, the undercover cop , House acting GAY in front of the woman Wilson likes , and Wilson trying to overcome the mess House is making it was really worth it. Read more of this post

House 6X9 Wilson

This episode was a total different type than any of House’s episode , because this episode’s main character was Wilson .

It starts with how House try to annoy Wilson in the morning , then get an overview with Wilson’s friendship with one of his patients Tucker….

While they were going hunting , Tucker fell down and almost shot Wilson due to his muscles contracting on their own. Read more of this post

House 6X8 Ignorance Is Bliss

This episode was actually interesting when a patient who has one of the highest IQ , gets ill while delivering some packages and House took his case.

At the beginning you don’t understand what happens and why he doesn’t want to be “this” famous or intelligent, then little by little the picture get clearer and he turns out to be the opposite of House . Read more of this post