Gamaran Chapter 54 Download

Here is the next chapter of gamaran , I hope you all enjoy it :D…

Gamaran Chapter 54

It’s Beach Time :D

I am going to the beach this whole week and be back on Sunday , so Gamaran will be late 2 days than usual unless i found internet access there 😀

Changing Themes

I am going change the theme of the blog to a more customizable one….

Would appreciate it if you tell me which one is better…..

I hope you like it 😀

Manga cleaning request

Since I started Gamaran and I had the urge to scanlate more and more of mangas….

SO…. anyone who really liked a manga , and no one is scanlating , or scanlating really slow , can request here the manga.

And I will check if the raws are available and the TL and will do it for him 😀 ..

I don’t care as long as it is interesting .

Also if someone can provide translations or raws for any manga I am currently doing that would be great.


The first post was actually just a test here is my real introduction.

I am just like everybody who is passionate enough about things they do and got really excited one day …. So I thought why not make a blog and talk about what I like.

This idea came to me when i saw OMNI who was a really good blogger and i used to visit his blog for a year until he stopped blogging ….

Then i saw his co-blogger Divine start a new blog and 2 weeks later i made up my mind that me too i will start blogging.

Starting today i will be blogging about anything i watch , read or know  .

In the end thank you all for reading .

hello every1

Hi i am nplm for now i love manga , anime and TVShows .
I thought about blogging what i love and try to get u closer the my favorites things .