If you like a manga that I am doing and want to help , you can always apply to help me  😀 .

Anyway here is what I need right now ….

-All posts 😀

All you have to do is leave a comment with these info :

1- name:



and I will reply to you as soon as I get your comment

~ here is a little test for some positions ~

editor / redrawer : download this (don’t redraw or join the pages if you don’t want to apply as redrawer)

redrawer : download this

typesetter : download this

and for translators just translate any 2-3 pages from gamaran

after you finish the test either send the result by mail or upload to a file sharing website and put the link here


5 Responses to Join

  1. Until I finish downloading zip compression software and finish the tests…you can look at these that I did last night. 🙂

    • nplm says:

      really liked what u made …..
      when i return home i will comment on each of them .
      so the position is yours if you want it ….
      email me with an instant messaging account you are always on it (if u don’t have but aol i will make one )

  2. nplm says:

    well that’s great ….. thank you for trying to help me …. i will shortly post something like a test …. only 1 or 2 pages just to see your levels

  3. Brent Yi says:

    I can edit(redraw) and typeset. Have photoshop but prefer gimp.

  4. Greetings.

    I’m interested in becoming an editor and typesetter for Gamaran. I’ve tinkered with pages from chapter 51 of Gamaran and in some cases, have redrawn entire panels with 95% success. I prefer to typeset while I edit. I’ll be available until college starts again in the fall.

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