Gamaran chapter 49

And the fight continue ….

This chapter continue the fight between Shingou and Gama , they fight a little in the beginning then another small flashback on Shingou then the fight between those ends.

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House 6X16 Lockdown

And the epic streak continue…..

It was just about a recent mother that has lost her baby in the hospital , so Cuddy ordered a lockdown until the security find the lost baby . Read more of this post

Sorry about the late gamaran

I am sorry everyone that I didn’t till now make chapter 49 , but I can’t find any fast translator for the chapter ….

So if you are a translator and would like to help , leave a comment or send me an e-mail at .

Or if you found a translation somewhere , leave me a comment with the link to the translation ….

Sorry but nothing to do.

House 6X15 Black Hole

This episode itself  is hilarious  , not the episode itself but the end ….

It starts with a school trip , and one girl fainted while suffocating in her vomit . Read more of this post

Tales Of Symphonia : Slyvarant

This series is based on the game Tales Of Symphonia released by Namco and sold 1.4 million copies worldwide . Read more of this post

House 6X14 Private Lives

This episode was better than the previous one ,especially with all the elements infused in it …

First we start with the life of the patient who is a blog maniac while having a fight with her husband because she just blogged their last argument .

Then their neighbor comes to calm them down cause he has work the next day and saw her all bruised up , he called the police thinking the husband did that . Read more of this post

Gamaran chapter 48 download

Well here is chapter 48 I hope you all enjoy….

Kinda happy that I finally “ongoing” but nothing to do till the next chapter comes out …..

So sit back and enjoy this chapter 😀

Gamaran chapter 48 download

Gamaran chapter 48

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Changing Themes

I am going change the theme of the blog to a more customizable one….

Would appreciate it if you tell me which one is better…..

I hope you like it 😀

FullMetal Alchemist ~Brotherhood~ ep 57

This series keeps getting better and better …. Read more of this post