Gamaran Chapter 57 Download

here is chapter 57 of gamaran ….

hope you all like it

Gamaran chapter 57

Gamaran Chapter 56 Download

Finally the next chapter ….

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Anyway here is the chapter.

Gamaran Chapter 56

Gamaran Chapter 55 Download

Finally finished the chapter … sorry it took us long but I am away and I have really limited connection …

Anyway this chapter is amazing but doesn’t compare to the next …. 😉

sorry forgot to add a credit page …. so here v2

Gamaran Chapter 55v2

Gamaran Chapter 54 Download

Here is the next chapter of gamaran , I hope you all enjoy it :D…

Gamaran Chapter 54

Gamaran Chapter 53 Download

Sorry for the late chapter …. but the translator was late , and I had some work to do .

Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter

Gamaran Chapter 53

Gamaran Chapter 52 Download

Finally here is chapter 52 of Gamaran …..

Gmaran Chapter 52 Download

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Gamaran chapter 51 download

This chapter starts a new interesting battle ….. Finally the long awaited Zenmaru starts to battle …..

anyway here is the download

Gamaran chapter 51

Gamaran chapter 50 download

here is chapter 50 …..


Gamaran chapter 49 download

Here is chapter 49 of Gamaran…..

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sorry I named the rar file Gamarab instead of Gamaran….. a little typo….

Gamran chapter 49 download

Gamaran chapter 47 download

Here hope you all enjoy my second release of this manga….

Gamaran chapter 47 download

here is a link to Megaupload in case Mediafire was down Gamaran chap 47