Dropping Legend Of The Seaker

Although I enjoyed the first 3 episodes I became less interest in blogging it , which made me less interested in blogging in general .

So I thought instead of continuing it and eventually will get bored , I will only drop Legend Of The Seeker.


Legend Of The Seeker 01X03 Bounty

This episode was good …. no graphic problem no inconsistency in the story .

I liked this episode since Richard acted like a true hero , he went to risk his life for a boy even after being betrayed , and after Kahlen’s warning . Read more of this post

Lengend of the seeker 1X01-02

I started recently this series To be honest I liked this episode despite the problems in graphics and in consistency .

The story is about a prophecy of a someone called the seeker that will free the world from evil (pretty cliché , right ?) , but still it made me download the whole season .

Richard (the seeker) was a regular man from the WestLand until one day he discovered that he destined to become the seeker and to kill all source of evil , with his new friends Kahlan the witch from the WestLand the land of magic , and Zed a first order mage ,they try to prevent Darken Rahl from taking over the MidLand . Read more of this post