FullMetal Alchemist ~Brotherhood~ ep 57

This series keeps getting better and better …. Read more of this post

FullMetal Alchemist ~Brotherhood~ ep 56

This episode was epic . I couldn’t stop taking snapshots .

First The Father and Hohenheim’s battle continue with Hohenheim getting the lead and attacking Father while telling him that he made connection with the half million souls that reside in him . While The Father making a comeback by removing his original self out of the body and telling Hohenheim that he also has evolved . Read more of this post

FullMetal Alchemist ~Brotherhood~ ep 54

Well i know it’s kinda late to be blogging about it ,taking into consideration it was released last Monday but it’s one of the best episodes in FullMetal Alchemist and i felt like talking.

Last events : Mustang had gone berserk when he knew that Envy was Hugh’s killer and told everyone to leave Envy to him and go ahead to The Father . But Risa refused and stayed with him . Then he owned Envy and the only way left for Envy was to flee ,but Mustang didn’t leave him be he went after him burning everything from his eyes to his whole body till Envy finally succeeded to hide . Meanwhile The Armstrong Siblings were fighting ,Alex vs Sloth and Olivier vs the Undead Soldiers (helping her couple of Central’s Soldiers) . And this events end with Risa and Mustang meeting and Risa following Mustang .

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